Sep 2017

Super-massive four man rock band, Their music is a mix of sludge, stoner rock and metal. Komatsu is praised for their live performances
“A Komatsu show will let the ground shake and gets your attention from start to finish. It is truly an eargasm for the trained listener. At a live show Komatsu grabs your throat and then not let go”.
"This flat rolling machine with her ​​bulldozer-rock will effortlessly conquer Europe and other continents!"

An Evening With Knives
A three men strong band armed with all the weaponry rock has to offer. Members all come from different musical backgrounds adding to the arsenal.
They bring to the stage a layered and energetic sound with unexpected turns. Where the wall of sound falls down into a sea of tranquility, they always keep it dark, heavy, and captivating.
For those people who want to categorize, think post-metal, post-rock, and stonerdoom.

The Dutch punk band from The Hague!!
They play short fast songs in the style of their heroes, The Ramones.
The band plays all around the country with tight and energetic performances and is building on a solid live reputation.

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Jun 2017
The Gentle Art Of Cooking People
are the Cracow's quartet playing psychedelic music for children. They are Heavy and they are loud. Sound that shapes an inner space. Let them open another gate to trans-heavy-noisy-post rock and let them take you to the curved reality where one shape morphs into another. Stand aside and take a different view, you will see colorful aura of hyperspheres, creatures and the world burning beautifully. Their music is making people gently shine.

De support wordt verzorgt door de locale Noise/Postrock helden van Mt. Echo
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May 2017